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Upul Kumara posted on Wed, 23 Jan 2013 11:57:28 +0530 as excerpted:

> I am new to KDE and I want to contribute to KDE as a developer. I need
> to know best way to build the KDE  project (whole project or part of the
> project).

Developers, along with sysadmins and power users, are the reason for  Here's a link.  You can explore from there.  Project 
building and links to sources, getting involved, release schedules, 
documentation for sysadmins, it's all there. =:^)

As a somewhat different alternative, as a gentooer I can tell you that 
the gentoo/kde project is one of the largest and most active in gentoo, 
and there's an overlay with scripted builds for master/HEAD, as well as 
the current and (when forked) next-up branches.  Many of the gentoo/kde 
project people run master/HEAD, thereby keeping it very actively 
maintained within the general scripted-build-from-source distro that is 
gentoo.  The difference here is that since it's the normal distro package 
management tools being used, everything is integrated into the normal 
distro, contrasted with the "independent of the distro" method described 
on techbase.  Thus, you can choose distro integrated or distro 
independent build methods based on what works best for you. =:^)

(FWIW, I personally am not a kde or gentoo dev, just a reasonably 
advanced user (even among gentooers) that takes the administration of his 
own system very seriously, relishing the power of choice and 
customization that both kde and gentoo expose... and a regular on a 
couple kde lists, among others.)

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