Strange problem with quicktile on secondary monitor

Norbert Zeh nzeh at
Fri Jan 4 19:54:55 GMT 2013

Hi folks:

I've run into a weird problem with quicktiling (dragging a window to the 
left or right screen edge) on my secondary monitor.  Here's my setup.  I 
run a laptop and switch between using only the laptop panel and using it 
with an external monitor in dual-head mode.  When I attach the external 
monitor, I use the external monitor as my primary monitor and the laptop 
panel as secondary monitor located to the left of the primary monitor.  
The primary monitor has two KDE panels on it, one on the top, one on the 
bottom, the secondary monitor has no panels.

Now, window sizes are as expected when I drag the windows to the edges 
of the primary monitor.  On the secondary monitor, however, things start 
to go wonky.  Most applications behave as expected, that is, they fill 
the whole screen height when dragged to the screen edge.  However, gvim 
and emacs leave a gap at the bottom that is the same as the height of 
the two panels on the primary monitor added together.  My first 
suspicion was that it has something to do with windows that specify 
their requested heights in character lines.  However, konsole and xterm 
do not show this weird behaviour, so this theory does not hold water.  
Then I thought it's something to do with how KDE works with gtk 
applications.  Then, however, Banshee should have the same problem and 
it doesn't.  So, for now I can reproduce this problem only with gvim and 
emacs.  Nevertheless, given that they are my main tools for my 
day-to-day work, this is a really annoying issue.

I started to notice this problem using KDE 4.9.X (sorry, don't remember 
exactly the value of X) under archlinux, then switched to OpenSuse and 
didn't notice this problem for a while.  Now I've upgraded to KDE 4.9.5 
on OpenSuse and started to notice this problem again.  I tried Google to 
see whether anybody else has the same problem and maybe a solution, but 
I didn't find anything that sounded even remotely similar, so I'm out of 
ideas.  Any pointers on how to fix this, start debugging this, ... would 
be appreciated.

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