Flip switch no longer works?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Fri Feb 15 12:34:58 GMT 2013

Aaron Lewis posted on Fri, 15 Feb 2013 18:07:21 +0800 as excerpted:

> I'm experiencing a wired problem with the flip switch effect, now the
> Meta + Tab key become a toggle key,

Weird not wired, I guess?  It took me a bit to figure out as I'm used to 
thinking of flipping a wired switch in an entirely DIFFERENT context, and 
I couldn't quite figure out what /that/ had to do with either meta+tab or 
kde... unless you plugged your computer into a switched wall outlet, and 
then I couldn't figure out why you'd be posting about it here! =;^)

Talk about a rabbit-trailing typo!  (Now of course it's all but certain 
I'll have an amusing typo of my own, but I guess if so, I'll be laughing 
too, as it'll have to be pretty good to best "wired" in the context of a 

> I mean, I must press Meta + Tab to activate the plugin, and to switch
> between windows, I can only use Tab or Shift + Tab, that's a misbehave
> to me.
> (Press Meta + Tab again only result in deactivate the plugin)
> Was it a upstream decision to make it so? Can I fallback?

Unfortunately you omit any mention of what version of kde you're running 
now, or what version you were running previously, leaving the post rather 
unanchored kde-version-wise.

In kde 4.10.0 anyway, look in kde settings[1], workspace appearance and 
behavior, window behavior, task switcher.  There you will find two tabs 
with the same set of choices on each, one each for main and alternative 
window switchers.  Kde actually makes two window switcher choices 
available to the user for direct invocation, now, with full control over 
each separately, including a wealth of presentation and filtering options 
for each.

That would appear to be what you're looking for. Setup flip-switch as 
either main or alternative task-switcher, and set the other options 
including trigger hotkeys as desired.  =:^)

[1] Kde settings:  It seems kde took a que from "the artist formerly 
known as Prince" as this app can be called "the application formerly 
known as kcontrol", its name in kde3.  Unfortunately it's known as 
systemsettings in kde4, even tho for the most part it's concerned with 
user-specific kde settings, not system settings, as with only a few 
exceptions, the settings found there do not apply at all to other users, 
or even to that user when in a non-kde environment or at the CLI, but 
only to kde apps and/or when in the DE formerly known as the "Kool 
Desktop Environment". Kcontrol was rather more effectively googlable than 
system settings, too!

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