problems with nepomuk/strigi indexing outside of /home

phanisvara das listmail at
Sat Feb 9 13:47:38 GMT 2013

i had file indexing disabled for a long while and now am trying to
get it working again.

most of my data files are on a separate partition that i mount at
boot (fstab) and link to locations under /home,
like /home/Documents, /home/Music, /home/Pictures. the idea is to be
able to use them with different distros w/o having to duplicate
them, and also for easier backup.

if i configure nepomuk's file indexer to index those directories,
the settings disappear after every reboot. i thought i'd figured it
out, by specifying that mount point in the "mount path" variable in
nepomukstrigirc, but that didn't work either.

strigi does index the files after "akonadictl restart," but after
the next boot these directories aren't listed under the directories
to index anymore.

is there some trick to get strigi to index directories outside of
$HOME, or is that not possible at present?


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