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On Friday 08 February 2013 06:24:38 phanisvara das did opine:
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> On Fri, 8 Feb 2013 04:40:44 -0500
> Gene Heskett <gheskett at> wrote:
> > > and kwallet in general can be configured to use no password,
> > > which is perfectly safe on a singl user system. if others (who
> > > you don't trust) use the machine, better keep a password.
> > 
> > Now that I'd like to do if only the pw requester would steal
> > focus.  It doesn't so its 2 extra mouse clicks, 1 to wake up the
> > mouse and one to change focus, to get focus so you can enter your
> > pw.
> > 
> > 10.04 LTS 32 bit system here.  If you can point me to the right
> > files to edit to get rid of the pw requester, I'd appreciate it.
> i'm afraid i don't understand the problem. if you do what i
> suggested, kwallet won't pop up anymore at all, since there's no
> password to ask from you.
> to do that open the kwallet manager (or whatever it's called),
> usually it sits in your taskbar somewhere. right-clicking on the (or
> any, if you have more than one) allows you to change the password.
> once you set both to "" (blank), there's no botheration anymore.
> as was mentioned in a previous thread some time, the passwords are
> still encrypted on disk, but kwallet won't require a password once
> your user is logged into KDE.

The problem is, there isn't such a beast on this machine.  It is whatever 
that after starting kmail, pops up and asks for my user pw, when I send the 
first mail after the start.  It doesn't grab focus so you wind up typing 
blind until the click once to wake the rf mouse up so you can see the 
pointer move, find the requester and click once on it.  That is kwallet, 
but a fairly diligent search fails to find a configurater for it.

Cheers, Gene
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