syncing nepomuk metadata between hosts?

Kristian Rink kawazu428 at
Thu Feb 7 11:39:26 GMT 2013


another question related to nepomuk and semantic information: So far I see 
nepomuk uses its own repository of storing information on my local machine, 
which is fine. However, there are quite a bunch of resources (e-mails in IMAP, 
images and documents on an external hard drive, ...) I am about to use on 
several machines, such as a desktop PC, my business laptop, a netbook. By now, 
whenever I do things such as adding keywords to various resources, this lives 
only on the very machine on which I did this, yet is obviously missing on any 
other host. Is there some way how to sync such information between hosts, or 
eventually all along with the (file) resources these information relate to? 

TIA and all the best,
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