semantic search and "actions -> send to" recipients?

Kristian Rink kawazu428 at
Thu Feb 7 07:44:22 GMT 2013


looking at the capabilities of the KDE infrastructure regarding semantic 
search, I see that it's rather easy to, say, add the same "keywords" to e-
mails and files and find both while searching for these keywords. Which is good. 
However, I am looking for something else at the moment. Then and now I use 
"Actions -> Send to" (in dolphin) to send out files to an e-mail recipient. Do 
I have some way to...

- ... in dolphin, while working with the file, figure out whether this file has 
already been sent to someone, and, if so, who was the recipient,

- ... use the search to figure out what files have been sent to recipient 
"a at" (and best of all also the e-mails having these files attached)?

TIA and all the best,
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