Remove shadows in desktop effects?

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Fri Feb 1 13:19:36 GMT 2013

Hi Duncan,

I don't have time to reply your email until now!

Your explanation was really comprehensive, since I'm running Razor-Qt
with KWin (QtCurve style),

So it would be problem with Oxygen or Plasma desktop theme

I think that's what I should start investigate


On Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 11:52 AM, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at> wrote:
> Aaron Lewis posted on Sat, 26 Jan 2013 10:12:24 +0800 as excerpted:
>> I liked the desktop effects but not the shadow around it, and I remove
>> it?
>> BTW: I'm not running oxygen style, so it should be kwin configuration,
>> but don't know where to config that.
> Well, kwin effects configuration is desktop effects.  That's in kde
> settings under workspace appearance and behavior.  Individual effects can
> be activated/deactivated/configured on the center tab.  However, at least
> here, while I see a window translucency effect (which I use), I do NOT
> see the window borders effect you're describing, either a setting for it
> there, or for that matter, the effect itself -- I don't have it enabled,
> tho I remember playing around with it some time ago when it was first
> introduced in IIRC kde 3.5.6 or so.
> But unfortunately, there's a host of separately configured bits of kde
> that have an oxygen option, three of which it's fairly easy to mix up,
> tho I've managed to figure out the one, but still have trouble with the
> other two.  I suspect this MIGHT be your problem as well, and you're
> actually using oxygen in place that it counts, having set something else
> to other-than oxygen.
> If you're ONLY talking about the plasma desktop, NOT ordinary non-plasma
> windows, the DESKTOP THEME would be what you're looking for.  This is the
> one I've managed to separate out because it applies ONLY or ALMOST ONLY
> to the plasma desktop, and has little or nothing to to do with normal non-
> plasma windows.  The settings for this are found in kde settings,
> workspace appearance and behavior, workspace appearance, desktop theme.
> FWIW I had used the "professional" desktop theme off of kdelook for some
> time, but recently switched back to oxygen for desktop theme.
> Near the desktop theme in kde settings, also under workspace appearance,
> is WINDOW DECORATIONS.  This is actually the setting that I think you may
> be after, as the oxygen DECORATION (NOT style, see below for styles)
> *DOES* have a shadow/glow setting.  It can be toggled on or off or
> configured using the configure decoration button, if the oxygen
> decoration is selected.  The oxygen decoration is also one of the more
> configurable of the decorations.  However, I personally prefer the kde2
> decoration, which does NOT have the glow/shadow effect.  So you can
> either try a different decoration (like the kde2 I use) or you can stick
> with oxygen or whatever you're using, and toggle off the glow/shadow if
> you continue using oxygen or some other decoration that has a similar
> option.
> The third component is the one you mentioned, widget styles.  This is
> found in an entirely different spot in kde settings, under common
> appearance and behavior, application appearance, style, and will normally
> only apply to kde-based (or at least qt4-based) apps, not gtk-based or
> generic X-based or tcl/tk based, or fltk-based, or...  Here, I've chosen
> oxygen as I prefer it, and appreciate its additional configurability as
> well.  However, as you found there's no shadow effects options here to
> toggle, because it's controlling the widget style, not the main window
> decorations, and it's the window decorations that have the glow/shadow
> effect linked to them.
> But don't be too worried about being confused.  I think most users are,
> actually.  I know I always have to go looking before I post to be sure
> I'm using the term that matches the kde settings usage, because all three
> of the above are styles, to me.  Even tho I've learned to keep the plasma
> themes separate, and I know there are two others so if it's not plasma I
> have to look, even for the plasma component, I'm just as likely to call
> them plasma styles if I don't go looking first.
> Hopefully with kde frameworks, aka kde5, they're eliminating some of this
> confusion.  =:^)
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