Why do you prefer KDE?

Jay DeKing jdeking1 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 27 13:15:44 GMT 2013

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> On Saturday 21 December 2013 23:10:30 Doug wrote:
>> (On the other hand, I would never again trust
>> KMail. I used it on SuSE back around 2009/10, when it started
>> printing incoming messages in some Asian font, and they could not be
>> recovered!) 
> I'd suggest to give KMail another try nevertheless, it certainly has some 
> issues but it's quite usable and had major rewrites since 2009.
> Some great features are not found in other software: Sieve server-side filters 
> support (and an editor for it), selecting different display styles for different 
> folders (e. g. mailing list folders display as threaded and other folders in 
> your favourite style)
> ------------------------------

I first encountered KDE in 2000, when I switched from Red Hat 6 to
Mandrake 7. KDE was a joy after using Gnome, and I found it eminently
usable and wonderfully configurable. I was sold. I've tried many other
DE's but have always come back to KDE. I depended upon XFCE when I was
using a 10-year-old laptop; as soon as I acquired a modern machine,
Debian with KDE was installed upon it.

KMail has always had problems. I was hesitant to try it after reading
the constant complaints on the mailing lists, but gave it a shot for a
while in 2002-2003 because I heard that it was getting better. This was
over ten years ago, mind you. Lost mails (sound familiar?) and various
other issues drove me to give it up. Never again. Major rewrites? You'd
have to start from scratch in my opinion. Email isn't rocket science,
but KMail has had the same issues for at least 14 years. There are
plenty of fully-functional mail clients that won't lose your mail.

But KMail/kdepim is not the entirety of KDE. The rest of the DE makes up
for it.

I use none of kdepim or strigi, but overall, KDE does what I want a DE
to do, does it well, and I have a lot of control over the user
experience. I always customize colors and fonts and KDE makes that easy.

Many thanks to the KDE community, and keep the goodness coming,

Jay DeKing
Ch√Ęteau Cruso, NC, USA

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