Why do you prefer KDE?

Martin Skjöldebrand shieldfire at gmail.com
Wed Dec 25 11:12:39 GMT 2013

On Sunday, December 22, 2013 01:49:13 PM Duncan wrote:
> In a sentence:  I use kde for exactly the same reason I run gentoo, and 
> to some extent, exactly the same reason I run Linux: all three respect 
> the user's right to choose exactly what and how they want things far more 
> than most alternatives.

I'm with Duncan so far, except I use Fedora rather than Gentoo.
I used to use Gentoo, I even worked on the Gentoo documentation, but nowadays 
I don't have the time to install and maintain something like Gentoo.

So basically, while I've tried to like how Gnome works I simply can't. To me 
it's not logical or customizable enough. KDE is so much easier to get to do 
exactly what I want it to do. I'm even perverted enough to kind of like kdepim 
and Kontact (probably because I'm perverted enough to like Outlook).

I tried stop using kdepim going for Thunderbird and extensions, but then I 
discovered that Thunderbird ate a couple of mails, and KMail has never done 
that so I went back to the, admittedly, sometimes rater clunky piece of 
software that is Kontact.

/Martin S
Martin Skjöldebrand
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