Why do you prefer KDE?

Graham Lauder yo at apache.org
Sun Dec 22 07:39:50 GMT 2013

On Sun, Dec 22, 2013 at 3:45 PM, Bruce Byfield <bbyfield at axion.net> wrote:

> As you may have heard, KDE recently topped the Linux Journal's Readers'
> Choice
> Awards.
> That got me thinking. Why do people prefer KDE? What advantages do you
> think
> it has over other desktop environments?
> Warning: If I get enough replies, I may use them in a blog entry for Linux
> Pro
> Magazine.
> My thanks in advance for any replies.
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Hi Bruce,

I use KDE on OpenSuse and I've used it pretty much since around 2000 I
think, maybe earlier.  Initially on Mandrake.

I have tried Gnome during a brief flirtation with Red Hat and later Ubuntu
as well as on SuSE.

On my AV appliance (Debian based) I run LXDE but in that setup the DE is
pretty much meaningless and Blackbox or Windowmaker would work just as
well, but LXDE came with that appliance,  however I use Dolphin and
Konqueror in that environment for file management both locally and via FTP
to my webhost.

My laptop and my main desktop use KDE.  The main reasons are Flexibility
and the application stack.

I like to be able to set my desktop up to suit my way of working KDE has
always been able to do that far better than any other DE.  While the
ability to change Desktop Environments easily was one of the things that
converted me to Linux as my primary platform, I find that I've always come
back to KDE because of the flexibility and ease of customisation.

The application stack.

Konqueror is an essential no matter what platform or DE I'm using.  Nothing
has the same broad range of abilities as a file manager, a web browser, an
ftp client.  It doesn't care if files are on the local machine or my
webserver, it treats all files the same. I can chop it up into multiple
windows in the same tab allowing me to manage multiple file storage
facilities at the same time.  Excellent, long may it continue.  Dolphin is
close but not the same.

KATE:  Best editor out there, very usable

I used to be a big fan of Kontact, it was the Outlook killer, but of late
I've had to stop using it as it's become a nightmare.  Many issues on
bugzilla have I commented on.  Too bad, when I first stated using KDE,
Kontact was a big reason.

 K3B:  I've yet to find anything that matches it on any platform.

I think OpenSUSE is a good indicator, the standard installation makes no
preference toward KDE or Gnome, it is equally simple to install either
Desktop Environment, but a significant majority of OpenSUSE users choose to
use KDE.

Graham Lauder
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