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Doug dmcgarrett at
Wed Aug 21 02:42:22 BST 2013

On 08/20/2013 12:33 PM, Doug wrote:
> All my Linux systems run KDE, and I have some KDE stuff on Windows 7, so
> I figured this would be a good place to ask the question.
> I have Win 7, PCLOS, and Korora on a machine here. PCLOS normally boots
> off of original grub, but Korora boots off of grub2. I installed Korora
> last, and now grub2 is the boot device. The boot order shown at power up
> has Korora first.
> I like the PCLOS boot screen. Can I just boot into PCLOS and run
> redoMBR and have everything boot off of original grub? I know how to
> modify menu.lst to change boot order.
> If not, what must I do to at least change the boot order in
> the Korora grub2 setup? (I'd like to have it show Windows first, then
> PDLOS, then Korora.)
> Thanx--doug
Replying to myself: Found instructions on PCLOS forum. It appears
that if the grub2 partition is not too far into the HD, the normal
PCLOS "redo MBR" will automatically put in a simple stanza that looks
like any other legacy boot stanza in menu.lst, and the grub2 OS will
boot, just like any other. Apparently there is a problem if the
partition is too far into the HD, but I didn't run into that.
I entered "grub2" into the search box in the PCLOS forum, and it
found a thread. The answer for me came in about the first reply,
from Old Polack, so I tried it and it worked.


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