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Mon Aug 19 10:37:04 BST 2013

Le 18/08/2013 15:06, Kevin Krammer a écrit :
> I think in case of Plasma the only viable approach is scripting.

Hi again,

I did a lot of experimenting yesterday evening and this morning. So far 
I have a quite usable default configuration. Here's my 00-defaultLayout.js:


for (var i = 0; i < screenCount; ++i) {
     var desktop = new Activity = i18n("Workstation")
     desktop.screen = i
     desktop.wallpaperPlugin = 'image'
     desktop.wallpaperMode = 'SingleImage'
     var wallpaper = "Ethais"
     desktop.currentConfigGroup = new Array("Wallpaper", "image")
     desktop.writeConfig("wallpaper", wallpaper)
     desktop.writeConfig("userswallpaper", wallpaper)

     //Create more panels for other screens
     if (i > 0){
         var panel = new Panel
         panel.screen = i
         panel.location = 'bottom'
         panel.height = panels()[i].height = screenGeometry(0).height > 
1024 ? 35 : 27
         var tasks = panel.addWidget("tasks")
         tasks.writeConfig("showOnlyCurrentScreen", true);

And here's the corresponding layout.js:

var panel = new Panel
if (panelIds.length == 1) {
     // we are the only panel, so set the location for the user
     panel.location = 'bottom'

panel.height = screenGeometry(panel.screen).height > 1024 ? 70 : 54
tasks = panel.addWidget("tasks")

tasks.currentConfigGroup = new Array("Launchers")
tasks.writeConfig("browser", "preferred://browser, , , ")
tasks.writeConfig("filemanager", "preferred://filemanager, , , ")

What I could manage so far:

* Have a bigger panel (some of the users complain about small icons)
* Don't show the activity button next to the Kickoff menu
* Define a more "corporate" default wallpaper (Ethais is perfect)
* Add a default shutdown button on the lower right side of the panel

I did this mainly by looking at other folks' mods on the web, and trying 
to figure out how I can adapt them for my own needs. I'm moving in very 
small steps, with a lot of trial and error.

Now here's some more things I'd like to do this way (e. g. by 
scripting), but I don't know how to go about it, in terms of mere 
syntax. I'll describe them in plain english:

* Add some custom launchers to the Kickoff menu ("Favoris").
* Deactivate all graphical effects. [1]
* Deactivate the semantic desktop and file indexation. [1]
* Change mouse cursor to Whiteglass theme
* Default to double click.
* Default the desktop to "Folder View" for ~/Desktop.
* Define Firefox as the default web browser.
* Define Thunderbird as the default mail client.
* Plasma widget are locked by default.
* Kiosk mode would be even better, e. g. most things are immutable.

[1] It's not that I don't like these. It's just that sometimes I have to 
install desktops on relatively low-spec hardware, and this is just to be 
on the safe side.

If you have one or more suggestions for any of the points above, I'd be 
grateful. For now, "I've reached the end of my latin", as we say in my 
native Austria.

Cheers from the sunny South of France,

Niki Kovacs
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