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Martin Koller kollix at aon.at
Sun Aug 18 15:57:38 BST 2013

On Tuesday 06 August 2013 23:40:54 Felix Miata wrote:
> Anyone successfully using this?

yes, all of my three daughters use it to create and modify video clips


> The obvious place to start, I would think, is to open a video file, so that's 
> what I tried. Since all the files I have that need commercials removed are 
> .ts files, apparently I need something less obvious than "file open", as its 
> file picker found none of my .ts files in the directories in which they are 
> located.
> So, is this yet another program that can't remove commercials from video 
> transport stream files? If it can, how? Help doesn't work ("help center" not 
> installed, without mention of package name containing "help center"). Do I 
> have to "capture" from the .ts files before editing? Is some sort of filter 
> missing? The file picker filter list only has 3 entries, none of which I 
> recognize as a video file type. Is there a FAQ somewhere that's accessible 
> that lists the file types it can work with?

you need to add the video file as a video clip.
Menu: Project -> Add Clip

I did not use it for something serious, just a bit of playing with it,
but AFAIK the reason is simply that kdenlive lets you aggregate multiple clips
to create one final video out of that, e.g. a video clip added with a music clip etc.
To create the final video you need to render the kdenlive project to a target video format

Also check

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