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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Aug 8 05:54:37 BST 2013

Felix Miata posted on Wed, 07 Aug 2013 13:18:20 -0400 as excerpted:

> On 2013-08-07 15:07 (GMT+0100) Sérgio Basto composed:
>> On 2013-08-06 at 23:40 -0400, Felix Miata wrote:
>>> Anyone successfully using this? http://www.kdenlive.org/ remains down
>>> (since Saturday at least), but I installed it anyway based on a look
>>> at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kdenlive.
>> rpmfusion ship it for Fedora ,
>> repoquery -q kdenlive --nvr kdenlive-0.9.6-2.fc19
> Same system has F19, so I installed this, which uses a newer 0.8.8 mlt
> version. Its file picker also only offers the same three file types to
> open,
> none of which I recognize as common video file types.
>>> So far it is just as unintuitive and useless very other "video
>>> editing" application I've tried, which is a bunch.
>> have you a better suggestion ?
> I was hoping someone would provide me with either a usable suggestion,
> or an explanation what it is I'm missing.

I have NOT used it personally, but I've seen some article teasers on it, 
I think mostly on LWN, which is known for its quality Linux/FLOSS 
coverage, AND for its reasonably high quality comments, which many times 
point out other options or otherwise provide very useful information -- 
so be sure and scan them too.  Doing a quick search there, these three 
candidates look interesting (newest first):

LWN Feature: Keeping up with Kdenlive, Sept. 19, 2012, by David Philips.  
Includes several screenshots and a full (but not too detailed) run-thru 
from dependencies list and configuring/compiling, thru actually using the 
program to assemble a video from multiple sources, to hitting the big 
render button to get a finished product.


BTW, that article links the kdenlive user's manual online at kde userbase, 
and that link *IS* live as I just tested it:


Back to LWN:

Teaser for "Intro to kdenlive" from opensource.com, the first of several 
articles they were doing on it (Nov 16, 2011).  This is just the LWN 
teaser for the first of the opensource.com series, not an LWN feature, 
but the opensource.com series is six parts (part 1 intro, which I checked 
and which this parts list comes from, so it's still live, 2 advanced 
editing techniques, 3, effects and transitions, 4, color correction, 5, 
audio, 6, workflow and conclusion), which means it should get into some 
decent detail.


Meanwhile, for a broader picture both in terms of where kdenlive would 
fit into the process and of other options as well, altho it's a bit dated 
now, LWN's "Grumpy Editor" series had a three-part series on the whole 
video editing process (Part 1, capture, 2, editing, 3, dvd authoring), 
back in late 2007 and early 2008.  This is actually the coverage I was 
remembering.  Part 2 covered (obviously an earlier version of) kdenlive, 
as well as some others.  Here's the grumpy editor mainpage, which list 
those and others.  (You might wish to bookmark the page for other reviews 
if you like these, or if you're familiar with lwn, just remember to check 
their grumpy editor series if you're looking for something, as I 
basically did here, altho I remembered this coverage specifically as 


As I said it's nothing I'm personally involved with, but I believe it's a 
pretty safe guess that will get you farther than you are now. =:^)

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