Yet another failed KDE release?

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Fri Apr 19 21:49:35 BST 2013

dE . posted on Fri, 19 Apr 2013 22:18:08 +0530 as excerpted:

> Anyone still interested? [?]

In a simple kde-based mail client?  Yes.  There's trojita coming alone 
very nicely for IMAP, but AFAIK nothing kde/qt based at all for POP3, 
except the now akonadified and hideously complex kmail (and even more 
complex kontact).

Tho now that I've switched to the gtk-based claws-mail, and being 
realistic about time to develop a good non-akonadified kde/qt-based mail 
client from scratch to reasonably stable and dependable, I don't know if 
I'd switch back by the time it was mature and stable enough that I'd want 
to run it.  But of course who knows what'll happen to claws-mail, 
particularly since AFAIK it's gtk2 based and gtk2 isn't so well supported 
any more, between now and then, too.

Of course, the pre-akonadified kmail code is still around.  Someone could 
start from that if they wanted, altho I do know the kdepim devs thought 
it was getting a bit toward spaghetti-code, but I'm not sure how much of 
that was because it really was and how much of it was akonadi-lust.  But 
if it is indeed spaghetti, starting new might be better anyway.

What might be interesting for someone starting fresh, would be to do a 
pop3 client to mirror trojita's imap functionality, possibly in 
cooperation, such that the two might either function together or be 
merged in the future, for those who have accounts from providers that 
offer only imap and others from providers offering only pop3 (tho it 
seems almost everybody offers webmail these days...).

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