global default panel height change?

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Mon Apr 15 17:53:16 BST 2013

In openSUSE, 
contains this line:

panel.height = screenGeometry(panel.screen).height > 899 ? 35 : 27

I always want 25%-33% more panel height than KDE developers think is 
appropriate, so I have been changing it to

panel.height = screenGeometry(panel.screen).height > 899 ? 47 : 35

Each system update that included this file was overwriting my change. To 
compensate, I've been setting the immutable flag on the file. But this causes 
rpm failure when overwrite fails, and the updated package according to the 
package management system remains available for installation, not installed.

What and where can be done to globally change the default height so that for 
each new user creation it starts out taller when KDE is first launched, but 
without causing this recurring updates headache caused by using the immutable 

Note: all this would be unnecessary if were fixed, so that personalizing 
panel height, as in KDE3, to a fixed and known value were possible without 
spending 20 minutes stabbing the panel with a mouse until the right number 
appeared at random.
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