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Duncan posted on Sat, 23 Mar 2013 11:40:30 +0000 as excerpted:

> [dE wrote... snipped]

> While I'm not ready for trunk-live, I already run the pre-releases, and
> have seriously considered switching to branch-live.  However, while I
> have git installed and most of kde has switched to git, I don't have svn
> installed, and a few packages (less every release) remain on svn.  And I
> remember the svn deps as rather more complex than I really want to deal
> with, so I decided not to switch to kde-branch-live until the bits of
> kde I actually install, mainly core-desktop, with much of the artwork
> and many of the games, was all on git.  Last I looked, mid-4.9 (before
> the 4.10 pre-releases hit IIRC) some of my installed kde packages were
> still svn based, so I didn't switch.  But with 4.10 I think some
> switched, and I believe others are switching for 4.11, so I'll probably
> investigate again and I may well switch to the live-branch
> builds when they come out.

Actually, I decided to check before I did the 4.10.2 upgrade, and found I 
could upgrade to 4.10-live-branch (aka for gentooers) with a 
handful of unmerges (most of the kdeartwork module), and commenting the 
** keywording of oxygen-icons in the package.keyword file 
from the gentoo/kde overlay.  All the other kde-base packages I have 
merged are switched to git upstreams, but the artwork stuff is still in 
svn, probably because git isn't particularly efficient with binaries so 
the switch isn't a big deal for the kdeartwork team.

So but for oxygen-icons, I'm now running =:^)

Some package stats:

* I have 143 kde-base packages merged, of which 142 (all but oxygen-
icons) are now live-branch 4.10, with oxygen-icons upgraded to 4.10.2 in 
the process.

* I have 144 packages in my @live-rebuild set, the 142 kde-base packages, 
plus a couple others (pan, my news client, and openrc, gentoo's default 
init system).

* With ccache active and caching my rebuilds, fresh from the kde upgrade 
so with a hot ccache and a hot file cache in memory, a timed full @live-
rebuild of all 144 packages took under half an hour (just over 23 
minutes), averaging a load of 2.7.  That's on a 6-core amd bulldozer 
fx6100 @ 3.6 GHz running the kernel's conservative PM governor, with a 
"spinning rust" hard drive bottlenecking things part of the time, but 
with the portage tmpdir on tmpfs and 16 gigs memory, with portage's 
parallel make active at --jobs=12 --load-average=12 and
MAKEOPTS="-j20 -l15".  I was running my normal X/kde session at the time 
and doing the build from a konsole session, with an incoming shoutcast 
stream playing and my usual once-per-second superkaramba performance 
graphing going on, so the system wasn't idle but was being only 
relatively lightly used during the timed rebuild.

* Based on the above hot-cache 23-minute time, I figure if I do the
@live-rebuild with my normal system updates 1-4 times/week, the kde 
updates should still take under an hour, so maybe 1-1.5 hours for the 
full tree and overlays sync, normal --update --deep --newuse @world, and 
@live-rebuild.  Since the process is well automated and I can continue 
using the computer for catching up on news, lists, etc, while it's 
building, actual interactive management time should be minimally 
incremental, less than a half hour a week, I'd guess.

Of course as has always been the case, the big management time cost will 
be every six months or so, with the bump to the next kde feature series 
and the package shuffle, etc, that goes along with that...

I don't think I'll try trunk-live in general, tho it's likely I'll try it 
temporarily, between the beta-1 release and the branch splitoff, thus 
getting the beta-period fixes "hot out of the repo" instead of having to 
wait for the next pre-release, as I had been doing, while avoiding the 
longer commit-window during which trunk is far more in flux.

I guess I'll know how it's going with live-branch in a few weeks.  4.11-
beta1 is scheduled for mid June, so I imagine I'll be switching to trunk-
live about that point, and you can ask me in early July how that's 

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