Yet another failed KDE release?

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Tue Apr 2 13:32:12 BST 2013

On Friday, 2013-03-29, dE . wrote:

> See, we all agree with the fact that KDE SC is a complicated project and
> it's a good design; for starters Akonadi is the only piece of software
> proving the likes of MS exchange. But the project doesn't  have enough
> developers to satisfy the release needs, especially if it's @ 6 months.

Well, I concede that it is hard to see from an outside perspective and that 
attempts to clarify misconceptions are only helping tiny bits at a time, but 
I'll try again nevertheless :)

The main point is, I think, that there is no such thing as a KDE SC project.
Traditionally it was nice to have all products of KDE contributors from 
different problem domains as a set of source packages (and consequently as a 
set of binary packages) at somewhat predictable times.

It has some nice implications like getting attention of user, distributors and 
reporters likewise, more than any of the single products, especially the 
smaller or more specialized ones, would get.

The drawback is that this also generates some misconception regarding the 
development process, e.g. making it hard or impossible for outsiders to see 
that each product has its own development speed and is often developed in much 
longer cycles than the SC release would suggest.

For example different product teams have different strategies on how they use 
git branches, how and when to allow new dependencies, etc.

It could very well be that "release together" effort will be discontinued in 
favor or smaller collections or something entirely different.

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