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Wed Sep 19 18:27:25 BST 2012

Mirko K. posted on Wed, 19 Sep 2012 18:39:21 +0200 as excerpted:

> I'm using KDE 4.8.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 with a 3x2 virtual desktop. The
> mouse wheel is bound to switch to the next/previous Desktop, and it goes
> through all desktops.
> I'd like a different behavior: Wheel without modifier should switch one
> desktop to the left/right, and wheel plus some modifier (Alt or Super)
> should switch one desktop up/down.
> Any idea how to do that?

You don't mention whether you already know about the mouse actions 
settings, which let you assign various mouse events (modified or not) to 
various actions.  Click on the desktop cashew/toolbox, and select desktop 
(or folderview or whatever type of activity you have configured) 
settings.  Often, you can also get to it with a context/right-click on 
the desktop and select desktop/whatever settings from there, too, but 
that action can be configured for something else, so clicking the cashew 
is the "canonical" method.

Once in that dialog, select mouse actions, and you can map a whole list 
of different actions to different mouse-event triggers.

While you can't /quite/ get the left/right up/down as described (without 
doing your own code patches), you CAN change the way it works to SOME 
extent.  Note that I'm on kde 4.9.1 now and ran the 4.9 pre-releases as 
well, so it's been awhile since I ran 4.8 and don't remember whether this 
particular feature was available there, or not.  So I'm not sure you'll 
have this yet, but it /is/ in 4.9 if you don't.

kde settings (system settings, except they're more kde than system, since 
most only for kde, and only for that user, the kde3 name kcontrol was 
thus much more accurate, AND less generic so easier to google!),  
Workspace appearance and behavior, workspace behavior, virtual desktops.

There should be two tabs, desktops, and switching.  On the switching tab, 
if the animation is set to desktop cube animation, the configuration 
button (with the wrench/spanner) should be enabled (it's disabled for 
most of the other animations).  If you click it, a dialog with several 
checkboxes should appear, including "use pager layout for animation".  If 
this is checked, then it should honor your pager layout.

Back on the main switching tab, there's a checkbox to enable navigation 
wrap-around between the first and last desktop, or not.

Pager layout, meanwhile, is found on the desktops tab.  Here, I've 
configured four desktops and four rows, so a single column, and indeed, I 
get vertical flips for all changes (no horizontal turns).  I experimented 
with reversing it, 1 row so four columns, as well, and that as expected 
gives me all horizontal turns, no flips.

But as I said, I don't believe it's possible to configure modified-scroll 
for one of vertical/horizontal and unmodified scroll for the other... 
without doing your own patch.  At least not yet.  Maybe in 4.10 or so 
(tho development focus will probably switch to kde-frameworks aka kde5 at 
some point pretty soon).

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