krunner: broken font rendering

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at
Sat Sep 15 23:52:31 BST 2012

It seems that krunner displays fonts in a somewhat broken manner, 
including "System Activity" (which is launched by krunner.)

To demonstrate, here's a screenshot of "System Activity" through krunner:

Look at how "Shared Mem" is rendered, for example.

And here's the same process list display, but through "System Monitor":

Notice how "System Monitor" has correct font display.  I found out that 
I can trigger the same bug in System Monitor if I launch it with:

   ksysguard -graphicssystem native

Then it looks like this:

Look for example at how the word "Table" (in "Process Table") is 
rendered compared to the previous screenshot.

Another application that has the same problem is KSnapshot.  And indeed, 
if I launch it manually with:

   ksnapshot -graphicssystem raster

then the problem goes away.

In System Settings, in the Desktop Effects section's "Advanced" tab, I 
have "Raster" set as the "Qt graphics system".  My Linux distro (Gentoo) 
also has this set in the environment:


So why is this happening?  How can I make krunner (and KSnapshot) use 
the raster engine by default and not have broken font rendering?

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