passive, non-intrusive progress bar?

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Wed Oct 31 17:30:37 GMT 2012


On Wednesday, 2012-10-31, adrelanos wrote:
> Hi,
> How can I get a passive, non-intrusive progress bar?
> A combination of kdialog --passivepopup and kdialog --progressbar. For
> example, when copying files with dolphin such a progress bar will be
> used. I want the same for my own scripts.

I assume you are referring to the progress display that folds into the 
desktop's notification area?

Those are actually not handled by applications themselves, e.g. Dolphin 
doesn't do anything for that, but are used by KDE's I/O infrastructure 

If you need that for file operations or download/upload, have a look at 

If you need that for something you process then I am afraid you are currently 
out of luck :(
Shouldn't be too difficult to add such a thing to kdialog, but currently it 
seems it can't access those progress notifications. Might be worthwhile to add 
a feature request for that on

If you have the option of implementing your solution in a scripting language 
with D-Bus support, then it should be possible to access that part of the 
desktop directly.
The D-Bus name for the service is org.kde.JobViewServer, but I am not entirely 
sure how it is being used (I only had a cursory glance at the code in kdelibs 
that uses it).


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