@ Dotan: As requested (back in March, sorry): Hotkey launcher scripts

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat Oct 27 13:33:33 BST 2012

Duncan posted on Sat, 27 Oct 2012 11:50:27 +0000 as excerpted:

> So four posts should follow, one each for the hkm menu script, the 
> hotkeylookup.lst keymap file, and two example user menu scripts.

Here's the hotkeylookup.lst file, UUE encoded after the sig as it
has control characters as the machine-codes.  Despite that, the file
should be text-editable as long as you're careful not to munge-up the
machine-codes (to the right of the colons).

ASCII control characters are the assumption.  I'm not sure how that
might work with localization.  You surely know more about that than
I do.

Again, I place this in /usr/local/etc/ as hotkeylookup.lst, but that
can be configured in the settings near the top of the hkm script.
No need for execute permissions on this one, only read.

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begin 644 hotkeylookup.lst
M86-H:6YE8V]D92!M871C:'5P('1A8FQE+ at H*(R!3;VUE(&-O9&5S('=O;B=T
M(&)E('1R:79I86QL>0HC(&]B=&%I;F%B;&4@:6X@=&5R;6EN86P at 8V]N=&5X
M="X*"B, at 5&5X=&-O9&4 at 9'5P<R!/2RX*"B, at 36%C:&EN96-O9&4 at 9'5P<SH@
M4V-A;FYI;F<@<W1O<', at 870*(R!F:7)S="!E;G1R>2!S;R!P=70@=&AE(&]N
M92!Y;W4@=7-E(&9I<G-T+ at H*7D`Z``IN=6PZ``IN=6QL.@`*"EY!.@$*<V]H
M"@I>23H)"FAT. at D*=&%B. at D*"B->2CH)"0D)7DH@<F5S97)V960@*&YE=VQI
M;F4@/2!R96-O<F0@<V5P87)A=&]R*0HC;FPZ"B-N97=L:6YE. at HC;&8Z"B-L
M:6YE9F5E9#H*"EY+. at L*=G0Z"PH*7DPZ#`IF9CH,"F9O<FUF965D. at P*"B->
M7DHI"B-C<CH-"B-C87)R:6%G97)E='5R;CH-"@I>3CH."G-O. at X*"EY/.@\*
M7E<Z%PIE=&(Z%PH*7E at Z&`IC86XZ&`IC86YC96PZ&`H*7EDZ&0IE;3H9"@I>

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