THE kde desktop is slow...

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Wed Oct 10 17:12:04 BST 2012

杜秀涛 wrote:

> Hi friends!I am using kde now, I just compiled it. every things seems
> fine, but the speed...
> tow problems:
> 1. I takes long time to load the desktop successfully, from pressing
> enter to I can see the beautiful desktop background-image, almost
> takes 2 minutes;
> 2. it often hangs for ten or 30 seconds to response to an mouse
> action, For example, I want to open the konqueror ,or opera. both of
> them takes long time to start up successfully. when they are
> "starting", others actions will be affected slow down.

likely slow "blur" desktop effect, I see that on my older intel945-based 
laptop too.  disable the blur effect, and it's much faster.

-- rex

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