wtf fucked up power devil

Martin Bednar serafean at
Sun May 27 11:48:54 BST 2012

Le samedi 26 mai 2012 18:51:23 dE . a écrit :
> I just noticed this recently, and this's a complete turn off! There
> should've been profiles!!

There still are sort of profiles, only that now they're linked to 
activities[1]. Meaning depending on your current activity, you can have 
different suspend timeout values. As for cpufreq and other configuration, as 
mentioned previously, laptop-mode-tools does it pretty well, I suggest you 
configure it there. IMHO this is the "correct" solution : advanced users who 
know what cpufreq is have one place to configure it, those who don't should 
probably not touch those settings and use the distro-provided defaults. 

As for the presentation mode, now the app presenting should inhibit it itself 
(I think okular does). And this is exactly what the "enable powermanagement" 
checkbox does : disable powermanagement features.[2]


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