Kmail can't send any email after upgrade to 12.04 ! (window becomes grey ) Do you reproduce it ?

Maxime. Haselbauer maxime.haselbauer at
Tue May 22 19:34:46 BST 2012

Well basically I wanted to continue give Kmail a chance but i think I won't
have any other choice ..

   - I can't send any email ( I report this first bug 3 month ago when I
   first had problem with some of my email
   - I can't open many of the email i received. I first reported this bug 3
   or 4 month ago when I had problem with email taking ages to appear

For both of the bug I don't get any feedback... I don't know if there are
still some ongoing developement on kmail but I have no choice anymore.
Using kmail is more and more impossible each time KDE or Kubuntu put a

2012/5/20 Alex Schuster <wonko at>

> Maxime. Haselbauer writes:
> > I can't send any email anymore since upgrade to Kubuntu 12.04
> > I had 11.10  with KDE 4.8.2 already and it (sort of) used to worked
> > before. I think it is related to a bug I already reported under 11.10 :
> >
> is down at the moment...
> > Does anyone has a workaround?
> Can you switch to another mailer? Thunderbird works fine, and many people
> (including me) are using Claws mail. I have finally given up on KMail, it
> is too unstable, and while moving an IMAP folder it ate all mails in it.
> That's when I abandoned it mostly.
> Claws cannot use local maildirs, and I'm not sure about Thunderbird, but
> at least you would have a way to send mails.
> I am using IMAP these days, that way it does not matter much which mailer
> I use, they all show the same. Of course that's different when you use
> local mails or POP3.
>        Wonko
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