KAddressbook Spawning Tags

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat May 19 10:54:13 BST 2012

Lex Middelberg posted on Sat, 19 May 2012 09:53:01 +0200 as excerpted:

> Greetings.
> I am using a stock standard Kubuntu set-up (precise).  My KAddressbook
> hold about 800 contacts.  The problem is that it is spawning hundreds
> and hundreds of empty tags and tags in this format:
> nemopuk:/res/ (some alphanumeric string)
> To add a tag to a new contact takes 20 seconds for the dialog to open
> and to delete just one of them takes at least 15 seconds.
> Now I also find that although I delete a tag assigned to a contact, that
> contact still shows up in searches using the previously assigned tag
> althoug nothing shows on the screen.  That is annoying at the very
> least.
> I can't work like this.  Is there perhaps a way to delete all the
> duplicate tags in one go?

FWIW, database-related "malfunctionality" such as this is one reason I 
decided to dump kmail and the rest of kdepim entirely, here.  Switching 
my mail archive, address book, and mail filters over to claws-mail wasn't 
easy, but it was worth it, for sure, and the worst I get in a crash is a 
few read messages showing up as unread, again, if it hadn't yet saved 
that status.  YMMV, but claws-mail was a better solution for me anyway, 
and with kde's color scheme exported to gtk apps, I've been very happy 
with the results.  Not as integrated with kde, but I'll take actually 
working over integrated, any day.

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