plasma-desktop using 100% of 1 core

Alex Schuster wonko at
Wed May 16 17:14:40 BST 2012

Barry Scott writes:

> After a forced reboot of my Fedora 16 system I am seeing plasma-desktop
> use 100% of 1 core after a while. Killing plasma-desktop and starting it
> up again is a temporary work around.

Does plasma still react, or is it frozen?

> Is this a know issue? What do I do to fix it?
> If this is a new problem what advice do you have to investigate the
> issue? 

I had similar problems in the past. Sometimes it was a buggy plasmoid, so
by removing them one after another I was able to find out which one. You
can back up you .kde/share/config/ directory if you want to easily revert
to the original state, I think saving the plasma-desktop-appletsrc file in
there alone would also suffice.

You can also start over and rename the .kde directory (or try as another
user) to see if it always happens or if it is something with your
specific setup.

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