kde application for users to set printer options?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Fri May 11 08:34:05 BST 2012

John McMonagle posted on Thu, 10 May 2012 21:49:49 -0500 as excerpted:

>> lpoptions -d “Officejet_4500_G510g-m”
> I  was aware of lpoptions command.
> No way a normal user can deal with that.
> It's just too bad that kde has lost so much ground for enterprise use
> :-(
> Then again the alternatives are as bad or worse.

Well, based on up-thread, you're using kde 4.4, which while kde publicly 
claimed was ready for use, many people including me begged to differ.  
Actually, kde claimed 4.2 was ready for use, while at the same time the 
devs were telling users that various features hadn't been ported yet.  
Not feature-complete is a classic definition of alpha software, so it 
wasn't even BETA yet, let alone READY FOR ORDINARY USE!  Anyway...

4.5 was the first kde4 feature-release version that was finally worth 
calling release quality, IMO.  If you're still on 4.4, that means that 
you're using what I consider pre-release quality software, and I'd urge 
you to get on at least a late 4.5 release as soon as possible.  The 
difference is definitely worth the trouble, altho I don't believe the 
printer bug was fixed until 4.7-ish.  But 4.5 was the last hal-based 
kde4, so an upgrade to it on your existing distro release should be 

I'd recommend avoiding 4.6.  There were problems with it, altho they were 
mostly worked out by late 4.6.  Instead, once you're ready to leave hal 
behind, I'd suggest late 4.7, or 4.8, even tho it's only 4.8.3 ATM, as it 
hasn't been as bad early-on as some of the others were.

Meanwhile, if you use anything kdepim, you want to stick with kdepim 4.4 
thru kde 4.7.  Beyond that, if you like the unified kontact interface, it 
should be reasonable by 4.8.  If you don't, I'd recommend switching off 
of kdepim, choosing other apps for mail, calendar, news, feed reader, 
etc, since they're all going akonadified now.  It's arguably worth it if 
you're using the unified kontact interface, but I definitely don't find 
it so, personally, as I preferred the separate apps, and doing the 
akonadified database backend for it all just isn't worth the hassle.

But regardless of all that, 4.4 was really still pre-release quality, and 
I really do hate to see people still on it, when kde really has improved 
a lot since then.  Do really consider at least 4.5 (with kdepim 4.4), 
altho as I said, I don't believe it fixed the printer issues.  Those were 
fixed in 4.7, I believe.

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