Dots in filenames and automatic file extension completion

Mirosław Zalewski miniopl at
Thu Jul 26 18:04:23 BST 2012

On 26/07/2012 at 17:12, "dE ." <de.techno at> wrote:

> You may like to disable KDE/QT dialogues in libreoffice-KDE by tools > 
> options > [check] Use libreoffice dialogs.

Then I won't have access to "Places".
Yes, I quite complain ;) . The problem is that each method has drawbacks and I 
have to choose lesser evil, which I hate.

> Also this problem does not persist in my setup using KDE dialogues.

Could you elaborate? What LO/KDE versions? What distribution? How was LO/KDE 
installed? Can you point out where exactly your results differs from mine 
(please see tables in first message in this thread and table available in LO 
bug report[1])?
It would be interesting to know what are differences between mine and your 
setup and where does results differ.

Best regards
Mirosław Zalewski
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