Dots in filenames and automatic file extension completion

Mirosław Zalewski miniopl at
Tue Jul 24 23:53:02 BST 2012

Each time I edit some file with dots in name in LibreOffice, I got major 
headache. When saving as or exporting file, LO strips too many components from 
filename - not only extension - producing handicapped filenames. Especially my 
university papers are tend to be named "M. Zalewski - paper name.odt" and when 
I export them to PDF to send to lecturer, LO proposes just "M.pdf".

This has been reported to LO devs[1], but they say that they will not do 
anything about it, as this is KDE issue.

So I decided to make experiment and check behaviour of different applications 
for files with dots in names. I copied one file (text file, JPG image and PDF 
document, depending on application) to two names: and
{txt,jpg,pdf}. Then I opened each file in application, clicked "Save as" and 
see what filename was proposed in save dialog.
program              file with ext   file without ext
LibreOffice (kde)    1.2.3.odt       1.2.odt
LibreOffice (gtk)         1.2.3
LibreOffice (none)         1.2.3
Gwenview        1.2.3.jpeg
KolourPaint     1.2.3.jpeg

LO dev claim is only half-true - under KDE, behaviour is inconsistent. Kwrite 
and Okular preserves filenames without extensions, while Gwenview and 
KolourPaint do not. This may or may not be related to fact, that Gwenview and 
KolourPaint has ability to save file in different format (select extension from 
drop-down list), while Okular and KWrite do not.

Also, LO under KDE behaves clearly different than LO under GTK or pure X11, so 
there are definitely bits of KDE involved.

My questions are:
1. Can I, as a user, do something about it? Some work-around on KDE level? 
Apart from avoiding dots in filenames, of course.
2. Can someone with deeper KDE knowledge explain this? What is really going on 
under the hood? Why LO under KDE, Okular and Gwenview behave differently?
3. Where, if anywhere, should I report this issue? I understand that LO devs 
claim that this is KDE issue and KDE devs can claim this is LO issue, but it's 
users that loose here. Maybe if KDE offer some function that programs can use 
to tell KDE that it should leave file extension alone, LO devs will be willing 
to change their codebase. I am willing to try and serve as proxy between KDE 
and LO developers, if that's needed. Since I am not a programmer and don't 
know C/C++, I can't propose patches that will fix it.

Thanks in advance

Best regards
Mirosław Zalewski
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