Strange behavior of launchers inside task manager after crash

JC Francois jc.francois at
Mon Jul 23 08:58:57 BST 2012


I have configured 4 launcher icons in the task manager of the main panel 
on my desktop: Dolphin, Firefox, Thunderbird and Transmission. Last week 
I ran out of disk space on my home partition. I got some error messages 
and the PC crashed. Firefox and Thunderbird were running when the crash 

I rebooted, deleted some data files but since then the task manager does 
no longer behave as before:

. when I click on the Firefox or Thunderbird icon in the task manager 
the app starts but the icon remains visible instead of disappearing.
. when I click on the Dolphin or Transmission icon the app starts and 
the icon disappears as before (which is fine).

I tried removing the Firefox and Thunderbird icons and re-adding them 
but the behavior does not change. They seem to be the only 2 apps 
affected by the problem.

Can you help me fix this issue? I am running KDE 4.7.2 on openSUSE 12.1



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