KDE lost of settings: "State" field corrupted in all rc files

Maxime. Haselbauer maxime.haselbauer at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 22 11:16:43 BST 2012

Hi, Kubuntu 12.04 Kde 4.8.4 32 bit

Interesting thing this morning:
I power up my compute and almost every programm open as if KDE would be
freshly installed and it  would be the first time I open the programm.
Needless to say, there was no update yesterday and ervything worked fine
when I shut down the computer yesterday evening

Very annoying because it means all your personal settings are lost....
in a short list

Background color of kde
Amarok collection

The podcast list

All id3 tags you have modified within amarok

Amarok internal database playlist

Amarok .xspf saved playlist

Kdevelop settinggs ....
All Akregator podcasts (although, there IS a feeds.opml file in
~/.kde/share/apps/akregator   .... which DOES contain all RSS url I had ...)
Kmail settings (all your accounts)


So, it looks like it is not reading all rc configuration files (those
stored in ~/.kde/share/config) because all information it lacks are usually
given in those files

Hence I open a couple of rc files and I find an interesting thing:
In each of them, under the [Mainwindow] section there ist something like

spare you the rest, this continue like that for long

I guess this is not the true state... but a corrupted field. Interesting is
that it looks corrupted for all rc files I have open so far, even those of
programm that I did not open for a while now.

Anyone know something about where it comes from and how to solve it ?

Maxime Haselbauer
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