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Doug dmcgarrett at
Thu Jul 19 06:41:45 BST 2012

On 07/18/2012 07:13 PM, dE . wrote:
> On 07/17/12 01:50, Doug wrote:
>> I hope this message falls within the scope of the guidelines you 
>> published.
>> I want to convert to the KDE version for Windows.  However, I want to 
>> be absolutely sure I can get back, if it doesn't work out. 
> That cant be done under Windows. The only option you have is 'reformat'.
Since my original message, and some of the correspondence on this list, 
I have also done some more research. So:
Not only can be done, but to some extent, DONE.  First, I dd'd the 
entire Windows partition, so it could be restored if needed.
(It was extremely slow; I forgot I have a USB3 adapter on the computer!)
Then I installed KDE for Windows.  You don't get the desktop--at least 
not from KDE TechBase--but you get a bunch of KDE
apps that WORK! I have Dolphin and Find Files/Directories (kfind) and 
card games, and Snapshot, and Kate, and I could have
installed some other things that would have duplicated what's already on 
Windows, so I didn't.
I believe (but I'm not certain) that it is possible to get the KDE 
desktop, but I didn't pursue that.  That's the sort of thing that if
it didn't work, I'd really have to restore the whole system, probably, 
and at any rate, the Win 7 desktop is not that much
different from KDE's.  Sure, you don't have individually resizable 
widgets, and the START menu is not as nice as KDE's Menu, but
it's all usable, and not only that, it's completely safe.

So for those who would like to try it, here's my 2ยข.

Oh, I can see the replies now:  why not just use Linux?  Well, when I 
can get AutoCAD (for a reasonable price or free) and
WordPerfect, and a few other goodies on Linux, then I'll consider it. 
They don't run on WINE. In the meantime, I use both.

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