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Renaud (Ron) Olgiati posted on Mon, 16 Jul 2012 16:36:10 -0400 as

> I have written a short script to automate the creation of a .mp3 file
> from a .mid file.
> The script works without any problem.
> Next, in Konqueror, I have right-clicked on a *.mid file, gone to Open
> With, put in the name of my script (called, imaginatively mis2mp3  ;-3)
> and selected Run in Terminal, Do Not Close... and Remember
> Association...
> The script runs in a Konsole window when I click on a .mid in Konqueror
> file BUT the Konsole window close when the script exits.
> How can I get to remain open ?

In addition to BB's answer (which should work), I use a different method:

First, in konsole, run konsole --help.  As with most kde apps and indeed 
as is traditional for Linux and Unix apps in general, that will output 
the various commandline options available.

You can then use those options to run a konsole session with the desired 
konsole options (from memory, --noclose in this case), that in turn loads 
your script.  There's also an option (-e) that tells konsole which 
command to execute.  You'd put your script (and any options the script 
takes) after that.

Doing it that way also allows you to use all the normal konsole/kde/qt 
options you might wish, for instance, hiding the tabbar and menubar, if 
your normal konsole sessions show them, changing the window title and 
icon, etc.  So you can make it look much different than a regular konsole 
session, if you'd like.

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