File association query

Renaud (Ron) Olgiati renaud-9qJ39Kf4vhh95CE/QLhGvQK61p16E/Is at
Mon Jul 16 21:36:10 BST 2012

I have written a short script to automate the creation of a .mp3 file from a 
.mid file.

The script works without any problem.

Next, in Konqueror, I have right-clicked on a *.mid file, gone to Open With, 
put in the name of my script (called, imaginatively mis2mp3  ;-3) and selected 
Run in Terminal, Do Not Close... and Remember Association...

The script runs in a Konsole window when I click on a .mid in Konqueror file 
BUT the Konsole window close when the script exits.

How can I get to remain open ?
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