convert to kde on Windows 7

Doug dmcgarrett at
Mon Jul 16 21:20:56 BST 2012

I hope this message falls within the scope of the guidelines you published.

I want to convert to the KDE version for Windows.  However, I want to be 
absolutely sure I can get back, if it doesn't work out. (There is a 
program that was very difficult to install, and
I don't want to ever have to do it again!  As well as other paid 
programs.) In order to do that, I would like to copy the entire Windows 
partition to an external drive. On the Windows system,
the drive contains Win 7 plus pclos in dual-boot configuration.  Can I 
do (from the Linux partition) dd if=sda1 of=sdb and, if that is correct, 
would the external drive be bootable?
If not correct, I hope that some kind soul reading this will correct 
me!  Thanx!


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