Plasma "upside down" ...

Hans Muecke kde at
Fri Jul 13 18:44:04 BST 2012

Howdy folks,

Ran into a strange problem ...

Kubuntu 12.04LTS/KDE4.8.4 ...

For whatever reason my plasma desktop crashed yesterday. Couldn't get it
to come up again, so I deleted all the plasma files in the home
directory to start from scratch.
I must have done that in the "protected mode" unknowingly ... since
today - when trying to change one of the desktop effects - I was told
that I was running protected mode and should switch to the "normal"
plasma desktop.
Did as requested and ended up with an "upside down" desktop. Visually
everything is upside down, but buttons still seem to be where they are
supposed to be on the desktop (screenshots: and ). Everything looks fine in protected mode ... minus
effects that is.

Anyone have an idea what went wrong here and how to possibly correct it?
Talk to you later ... Hans (56 to go)

2012/07/13 16:50
EDDS 131650Z 20003KT 9999 FEW042 SCT110 BKN280 19/12 Q1008 NOSIG

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