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Wed Jul 11 07:27:56 BST 2012

Zaki Akhmad posted on Wed, 11 Jul 2012 11:04:24 +0700 as excerpted:

> Hello,
> I am facing this screen lock error[1] at KDE. The password textbox
> suddenly full of password character and I can't erased it (maybe since
> it's very long). Trigger of this error is when I do screen lock my KDE
> but the error shows randomly.
> [1]
> Hope somebody could give me hint. Thanks!

I don't use the screen-locker here (don't have kdm installed, which 
provides it), so can't be too specific about that, but in general...

If it's because it's long, try clicking in the input box to give it 
focus, then using whatever you have configured for select-all (often ctrl-
a to match MS), then hitting delete (or simply start typing the real 
password).  That should do it.

Alternatively, the whole thing /might/ get focus if you simply tab the 
focus to the box (clicking in it may or may not do the same thing), after 
which you can simply hit delete or even simply start typing the real 

I don't know what might be filling it in, and don't know /for/ /sure/ 
that the above will let you erase the whole long garbage, but it's what 
I'd try, given normal GUI input box behavior.

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