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Mayank Jha mayank25080562 at
Thu Dec 20 17:41:19 GMT 2012

Hello people,
I am writing this after at least 2 weeks of fiddling with the idea of
improving the lyrics retrieval system of music players. I always wanted to
understand what the lyrics of the singers(mostly Michael Jackson,
rap-music) because frankly i dont understand a word of it yet i love it and
to know the lyrics I always have to use Google search engine to ensure that
"I get the lyrics" even if it is proprietary(coz there are sites where
users can submit their own understanding of the lyrics).
 In Amarok there is a feature for lyrics but I do not get the lyrics for
every song I play (even if they have the correct metadata ie the
album,title,artist and that stuff). Instead of diving in into Amarok
Codebase, I rather chose to go for some lightweight small media player (as
I am a novice to source-editing) .
So I chose Bluemindo(a music player written in python) for that, as It also
provides with the lyrics feature, but to my despair it won't work for a
single song. So I took some time to look into its code and found out that
the servers were outdated meaning to say they could not provide lyrics for
e.g. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal giving proprietary bull-shit, which
can of course be had with sites like, etc.
I took the brute-force approach and simply added 10 servers and then
choosing the best lyrics(ie which is largest in size); Still no good reults
were obtained.
The modified version of the file can be found out at:-
I know that this does not directly concern KDE(but amarok lyrics is not
superior), Can somebody tell me how to go about improving the lyrics
retrieval system of any music player; as amarok too uses the same approach.
Using the BeautifulSoup library I can retrieve the lyrics from the HTML
source of the website; does anyone have some brighter Ideas?
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