A Helping application for beginners Linux and Open Source in General

Mayank Jha mayank25080562 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 17:38:39 GMT 2012

I was thinking that if there could be an application for kde or linux
distros in general which could be used to put up a query and you could get
a set of answers pertaining to your queries.
The source for answering these queries not being one but many, like
askubuntu.com, askfedora.com, ubuntuforums.com etc.
More generally what I am talking of is to pool in resources from the net
and then as a "search engine" of sorts to answer the doubts of a newbie to
open and free software. It would greatly reduce time for such a person to
get accustomed to the knowhow of Linux.
I know that this sounds against mailing list culture, but if we can make
some mini-search app for FOSS queries I feel it would be welcoming to the
Also if someone is willing to mentor me upon this in creating such an app,
i would gladly be willing to do so.
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