How to install Okular 0.15?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Mon Aug 27 11:46:42 BST 2012

Marius Hofert posted on Mon, 27 Aug 2012 12:01:02 +0200 as excerpted:

> It is mentioned on that Okular 0.15 is
> out since August 1. I work on Ubuntu 12.04 with Okular 0.14 and I would
> like to upgrade. I tried to install Okular 0.15 via sudo apt-get install
> okular, but I only get 0.14. When will 0.15 be available via package
> managers?

Okular 0.15 is already available via package manager in many 
distribution, including gentoo, which I run here. =:^)

Okular 0.15 is shipped with kde 4.9.0, so you'll likely have them 
available at the same time and will install them together.  In fact, on 
gentoo, okular 0.15 is packaged as ocular-4.9.0, reflecting its kde 
version number, not the individual package version number.

I'd guess kde 4.9.0 (including okular 0.15) is probably available in one 
of the optional repos, either (k)ubuntu or debian, that stays more 
current with kde than the main repo, but likely isn't as integration 
tested as it will be by the time it appears in the main repo, so it would 
be more likely to contain bugs that will be fixed between now and the 
time it becomes available in the main repo.

Actually I just checked and found this link, which says kde 4.9.0 
is available for kubuntu in the backports ppa and in the development 
release, so my guess was correct. =:^)

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