How to install Okular 0.15?

Mirosław Zalewski miniopl at
Mon Aug 27 11:37:06 BST 2012

On 27/08/2012 at 12:01, Marius Hofert <marius.hofert at> wrote:

> When will 0.15 be available via package managers?

It already is. You will find it in kubuntu-ppa/backports PPA.

If you need one specific feature that Okular 0.15 brings, which is a reason 
most people bother to upgrade in the first place - saving annotations in PDF - 
then you also need libpoppler 0.20. To get it, you must use Quatzal Quental 
(12.10) repositories. 12.10 is currently in alpha stage, but first beta is 
scheduled for 6 September. 

If you are going for Ubuntu 12.10 repos, then you don't need Kubuntu PPA 
mentioned above.
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Mirosław Zalewski
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