How can I bring back Konqueror as my man page viewer?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Sun Aug 19 21:31:33 BST 2012

Nikos Chantziaras posted on Sun, 19 Aug 2012 19:39:28 +0300 as excerpted:

> Holy crap, Duncan.  I wanted to set the default man page viewer, not
> write a new kernel from scratch :-P
> But thanks for the info.  It's useful to have around.

=:^)  It was worth the time just for that (wholly unexpected) reaction!  
Hilarious because it's so true... and so typical of me too!  Thanks!

I /did/ get a bit carried away.  I had no /idea/ I'd end up writing the 
script beforehand, and when I started I labeled it "pseudocode", but then 
decided I might as well write it out and changed it to "untested", then 
decided I might as well test it too, and there it was!

If I'd have known I was going to write the script before hand, I'd have 
made the explanation shorter.  But once it was done, I already had the 
explanation so just went back and fixed the worst of the "untested" in 
one spot, "tested" in another, bits.

That's the way it goes, but it /was/ an interesting challenge and I 
/did/ learn a decent amount myself while composing all that, so 
regardless of whether anyone else ever uses it, I learned from it. =:^)

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