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Zaki Akhmad posted on Fri, 20 Apr 2012 10:13:01 +0700 as excerpted:

> I am using dual screen at my KDE. How do I change the default background
> for the extended screen? Here's the link of the screenshot:
> In this case, the extended screen is at the right side.

There's normally two ways, but one's optional and if the configuration 
has been changed it may not work that way.

1) Way that may not work, but possibly easier: context menu:

Context/right click on the desktop of the extended screen, and you should 
get a popup context menu.  Choose desktop settings.  You can change the 
image for each one separately, depending on your location when you 
triggered the popup menu.

(The mouse actions icon allows you to select from several different 
options for each combination of modifier key and mouse button.  If you 
set the right button click to something other than standard menu, you 
won't have that popup, but whatever other functionality you've chosen.  
Of course you can assign the standard menu to something else, say ctrl-
right-button instead of simply right-button, if desired, and it'd be 
available that way, but that does complicate instructions like this, 
since I've no way of knowing what trigger you've set for that action, if 
any at all.)

2) The way that should always work, unless...: cashew/toolbox menu:

On the desktop, I believe at the lower right by default but you can drag 
it elsewhere, is what's referred to as the cashew or toolbox.  It's a 
little icon that's mostly faded out by default, but when you hover over 
it, the big curved bit (the cashew) becomes bright yellow, with little 
tiny droplets of other colors at the end if your eyes are good enough to 
see them.  Primary/left-clicking that should bring up a somewhat 
different menu, but it should have a desktop settings option too, that 
triggers the same dialog.

(The toolbox is by default always there, not removable, tho you can move 
it to a different corner or to the center of a side, if desired.  This is 
to ensure that there's always a way to get to desktop settings and the 
other options there, even if you have the mouse actions options set to do 
other things, and nothing set to trigger the standard menu popup.  
However, some people get REALLY distracted by the thing, or at least they 
did back before it faded out when not hovered, and there's a "kill the 
cashew" plasmoid available for download on kdelook, if you wish to 
install it badly enough.  It does, or at least used to do (I've not tried 
it or seen anyone confirm whether it works on current kde, it was 
originally posted in the kde 4.2 or 4.3 era, IIRC), what it says on the 
tin, kill the cashew.  So the cashew is removable too, just not by 

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