SOLVED (was Playing around with Kubuntu 12.04 beta)

Hans Muecke kde at
Mon Apr 9 18:39:32 BST 2012

Am Montag, 9. April 2012, 12:11:10 schrieb Duncan:

> As for missing the behavior bit, I'm a heavy customizer and definitely
> love the fact that kde makes all these things so configurable so wouldn't
> want that to disappear, but they could do a bit better job of making all
> desktop related settings available in one place, perhaps the desktop
> settings dialog available from the desktop itself, as on MS.  Even tho
> I'm a heavy user of various config options, I do end up looking in the
> wrong place for them, occasionally, so it's no surprise people unfamiliar
> with it would miss the icon/module entirely at times, even if they'd been
> specifically told about it.

My "big machine" (the one I'm writing from) runs 10.04 LTS with KDE 4.4.5 and 
there behaviour is actually located under desktop settings (where imho it 
belongs). It never occured to me to look for it somewhere else. I agree with 
you, that everything related should be sorta in one place. What I experienced 
reminds me on the customer preview of WIN8 ... tried it out and I predict, 
that if MS doesn't change it big ... it will fail since it forces a totally 
new handling on users. 

> I wonder what changes to settings organization they'll make for kde5 aka
> kde frameworks...  They've definitely gotten better since 4.0 in that
> regard, with the biggest change for 4.5, but I think it can still be made
> a bit better, and expect 5.0 to try it.

I will be very happy with KDE4.8.1 (what is currently with the Kubuntu Beta) 
since it looks a lot more stabil than what I am used to. 

Talk to you later ... Hans (151 to go)
2012/04/09 16:50
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