Dolphin search anomalies KDE 4.6.0

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at
Fri Apr 6 22:32:26 BST 2012

I'm trying to use Dolphin - the file manager as konq used to be

Comments related to Dolphin


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>On Friday, 2012-04-06, John Woodhouse wrote:
>> Another odd aspect is that I can only find all of them as root. I assume
>> this is because the disk contains one of my old home directories.
>> Searching as none root does bring some up though.
>My guess would be that file system access restrictions prevent applications 
>running as your user from accessing those other directories.
>In which case I wouldn't call that "odd" because that's how the file system is 
>expected to work.
>> Bit worrying as I often
>> view system files as an ordinary user - no chance of changing them unless
>> I really intend to. I miss konq's file bookmarks for that sort of thing.
>Hmm, Konqueror's file bookmarks still work for me.
>Haven't used those in ages since I am only visiting a handful of directories 
>regularily and I have added those to the Places toolbar/dock.
>But I just tried and I could add and follow a bookmark to a directory.
>> It's very handy and saves remembering where they are. I don't suppose I
>> can still use kate in that way either when I do want to modify one.
>No problems using Kate's bookmarks either, actually use them a lot.
>> Mentioned on here because maybe subsequent releases have addressed these
>> anomalies.
>Bookmarks have definitely always worked. I use Konqueror as my main browser and 
>it doesn't make any difference locations as far as I can tell and all version's 
>of Kate that I have been using over the years had working bookmarks since that 
>feature was introduced.
>> While use jargon might I also mention to Kevin that the real
>> stake holders are the users. Devs don't really have the same relationship
>> to their work.
>I think that largely depends on what kind of software we talk about and how it 
>is developed. For Free and Open Source software it is almost guaranteed that a 
>developer is also a user of that software.
>This is basically the number one reason people work on certain programs, i.e. 
>needing the program yourself.
>There are only a few exceptions, e.g. developers of assistive technology might 
>not need that assitance themselves, however then again some will work on those 
>because they closely relate to a person who does.
>The two sets "users" and "developers" have such a huge overlap that one can 
>safely approximate "developers" to be a subset of "users".
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