Dolphin search anomalies KDE 4.6.0

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at
Fri Apr 6 12:53:20 BST 2012

I sometimes use the search facility for moving things about as things get rather untidy at times. I haven't checked this out in all instances but suspect it applies.

I recently bought an all in one hdd docking unit as I have moved my pc case to a position where I can't easily get to the usb sockets. This unit comes with card reading slots, 2 USB ports and a socket to take sata discs. They seem to be expensive in many places but an ebay uk seller is doing them for ukĀ£17. It works remarkably well on discs. Very fast. Cards too. :-) I only need the usb sockets on it for the camera now.

Anyway I decided to look at a couple of old discs to see if there was anything I needed on them. Just browsing through files seems to be ok. I can launch them. Bit tedious going through that again so I decided to use dolphin search. First problem is that the search wouldn't accept multiple terms eg *.pdf;*.djvu so they have to be entered separately. The second problem was that having found them I couldn't do anything with them. Try to launch and nothing happens at all. Try to copy paste, move to or drag drop and a file doesn't exist msg comes up.

Another odd aspect is that I can only find all of them as root. I assume this is because the disk contains one of my old home directories. Searching as none root does bring some up though. Bit worrying as I often view system files as an ordinary user - no chance of changing them unless I really intend to. I miss konq's file bookmarks for that sort of thing. It's very handy and saves remembering where they are. I don't suppose I can still use kate in that way either when I do want to modify one. If I can't remember were they are the only option I have is to use search. Seems I will have problems obtaining the path if I want to change them.

Mentioned on here because maybe subsequent releases have addressed these anomalies. While use jargon might I also mention to Kevin that the real stake holders are the users. Devs don't really have the same relationship to their work. Another aspect is that a good starting place for any new piece of work is the old stuff and the question well why does it do or have that. Otherwise they haven't a cat in hells chance of spotting things like this and preventing them cropping up late in the cycle. Do it once and do it right has a lot going for it past beta. Pre beta's should really just omit things rather than part doing them otherwise they never really go away.

I wonder how hard it will be to make these changes if they ever happen - structure. This also relates to what users want / need. None of us are happy with windoze because the alternative offers far more facilities - or did even if a dev is unaware that people actually use them.

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