Sluggish computer, KMail hogging the CPU

gene heskett gheskett at
Tue Apr 3 21:20:23 BST 2012

On Tuesday, April 03, 2012 04:08:01 PM Renaud (Ron) Olgiati did opine:

> Computer is running slowly, and top shows kmail using between 40% and
> 60% cpu.
> Is that normal ?
> Cheers,
> Ron.
> KMAil 1.13.7 KDE 4.6.5 under Mageia 1

If it is regenerating its index files, and your email corpus is several Gb 
like mine is, this can take half an hour to complete after a restart.  Once 
that is done it should revert to more normal usage levels.  At 9 days 
uptime, kmail's cpu usage is well down in the noise here. BUT!  I don't 
suck my mail with kmail, all that is farmed out to 
fetchmail/procmail/spamassassin & clamav, so all it actually does is pick 
it up out of /var/spool/mail/user & sort it to the correct folders, on 
queue when the mail comes in.  So that part is not accounted for in the 
kmail column.  In 9+ days, fetchmail has used 10.6 minutes of cpu here, 
spamd an hour 10, and clamd just under an hour.  Plumb tolerable IMO.

Cheers, Gene
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