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Tue Apr 3 15:03:28 BST 2012

On Tuesday, April 03, 2012 09:27:30 AM Alex Schuster did opine:

> gene heskett writes:
> > It did work, it burnt the bios update as requested.  And its 10,000%
> > easier to type k3b in a user terminal than it is to wade through the
> > menu's and find it, under archivers of all places.  Call me an
> > anachronism at 77, but if I can spell it, I can type it a heck of a
> > lot easier than I can hunt around in the cracks and crannies of a
> > poorly laid out menu system.
> I think the menu system is just there so one can see what's available.
> If you know what you want to start, use KRunner instead. That is, hit
> Alt-F2, and enter the name of the application. You don't even have to
> type the full name, although in case of k3b the name is so short that
> you have to. If you only type 'k3' KRunner offers conversion of 3
> Kelvin to degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit :-)
> So KRunner does not only allow to start applications, but also to find
> files, by name or by content when they have been indexed by Nepomuk. Or
> emails, open windows and documents. Or audio files. It does
> calculations, converts units, and much more. Have a look at:
> http://userbase.kde.org/Plasma/Krunner
> > So I suspect you are 200% correct. System housekeeping has never been
> > kde's strong point.  :)  They get lots more points for making bz hard
> > to use IMO. Its forgot who I am, again.  But funny thing, if I try to
> > open a new account, it will toss it in the bit bucket because I
> > already have one.
> One month ago, I got this mail. If you didn't get it, they really forgot
> about you. But why can't you open a new account then... strange. You
> probably should file a bug report... oh, whoops!
> And I assume resetting the password also does not work? What about
> creating a new accocunt with a different email address?
> --------------------------------snip-----------------------------------
> Hi,
> In the past you have registered on http://bugs.kde.org. This could be as
> a user to report a bug or crash within a KDE application or maybe you
> have registered as a contributor or developer for KDE software.

I have never gotten such an email, so it is either sending it to a 
/dev/null someplace due to ISP changes, or it has truly forgotten about me.
> We have recently installed a new update of the bugzilla software and we
> would like to ask you to reactivate your account. This can be done in
> one simple step: login on the http://bugs.kde.org site. Your username
> is the email address we have sent this email to.

And if this address no longer exists, it should fully wipe the name from 
its passwd database.  But it hasn't, and it rejects the attempt the instant 
I give it my name.  Trying to setup a passwd update fails for the same 
reason, it sends the authorization link presumably to the email address of 
record, which of course has not existed, having been nearly a decade since 
I was on dialup at an iolinc.net address, and nearly 2 years now since I 
was at a verizon.net address, bailing from there because vz couldn't keep 
their copper working for more than 4 or 5 days at a time.
> If you don't reactivate your account before March 30th we will block
> your account from logging in until the password reset feature is used
> to set a new password.
> Sorry for the trouble, but we hope you will enjoy the upgrade.

Sorry for your trouble, processing the reject because it wasn't sent to a 
live account, but your servers remember the name & will not process what it 
considers to be a duplicate account even if it comes from a brand new to bz 


I don't believe I should have to change my name just to satisfy bz, its 
been 57 years since I did that the last time when I turned 21 so I legally 
had the last name of the man that tried to raise me, and so would the rest 
of my male git.

So, until someone manually goes through the bz passwd file and deletes any 
Heskett named Gene, I am locked out of filing bugs.  My bug reports WILL be 
by way of the mailing list until then.  Take them or leave them.

If someone that does have access to bz admin stuff can fix it, great but 
send me a PM to THIS address so I'll hear about it and can then open a new 
account.  Or post it to this list, its a shrug to me as its otherwise a 
fight I can't win.

> Best,
> KDE Sysadmin

Who is nameless, faceless and unreachable by normal list subscribers.  
Gotta love it, NOT!

Cheers, Gene
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